1 Common Reason Dogs End in Animal Shelters

Posted on 04. Jun, 2014 by .


ID-100148574If you are pet lover you would be stunned as the increase in the amount of dogs that end in shelters. This situation is disappointing when you consider the fact that every dog owner is supposed to give his pet the best of cares. Dogs that end up in animal shelters are those that were abandoned or those that are not properly provided for.

Although some reasons are well intentioned while others are not, you should know why dogs in animal shelters if you are into dog training. This post highlights one of the most common reasons you will get to find your canine friends in Animal shelters. This knowledge will go a long way to assist you becoming a good dog trainer or dog owner.

Limited Training

Many dogs in Animal shelters are poorly trained. The owners might have abandoned them after realizing that dog training takes some level of commitments and energy. Dogs need to be trained for socialization and obedience to commands. It takes hours to set the limitations, rules, and boundaries that would achieve this. So, when a dog owner never put in the commitments needed in dog training, they become easily overwhelmed and the dog eventually end in shelters.

So, this is one of the most common reasons dogs end up in shelters. Other reasons include

  • aggressive behaviors of dogs,
  • relocation of the owner to new home where dogs are not allowed,
  • increasing cost of dog ownership, and
  • family members getting allergic to dogs in the home,

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